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Out on bail fresh outta jail,
California dreamin
Soon as I stepped on the scene,
I’m hearin hoochies screamin

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Brand New | Moshi Moshi (acoustic)

I’ll come back a ghost if I can haunt you and float around your room. What do I do when you get close? If I kiss your neck, would you slit my throat?

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The Front Bottoms | Twin Size Mattress

Make sure you kiss your knuckles before you punch me in the face

There are lessons to be learned; consequences for all the stupid things I say

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failure by design // brand new

and when i wake up you’re the first to call
this is one more late night basement song
and i’m so sore
my voice has gone to hell

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Jesus Christ Walks (Kanye West vs. Brand New)

This has been my favorite song/mash up for years.

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I’ve got more wit
A better kiss
Hotter touch
A better fuck
Than any boy you’ll ever meet

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*squints at suspiciously*
I don’t think this was made for fingers

"Quick! Hit my dick with a healing spell!"

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This is the best thing ever.

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Sometimes I smile because I remember that Jada pinkett smith sings in a metal band






Bad Ass


Wow I didn’t know this.

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This man is my hero. I WILL BE YOUR CHAMPION

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Pity Sex| Acid Reflex

Burned a hole in my stomach. An acid reflex. Got another pill incoming. An acrid redux. Do you love me? Peptic bubbling? Slick and soothing. My acidic need. Sick on alcohol and aspirin. Atomic liver. Slipped a kiss I couldn’t stay for. Anaphylactic shiver. Do you love me?  Peptic bubbling?  Slick and soothing. My need. Filled up. Spilled down. Splitting seams. I’m better now. Ruptured spleen. Plastered frown. Toxic life. I’m better down.  I need love. I need drugs. I need looks. I need God. I need comfort. I need fortune. I need something.

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DESCENDENTS - Everything Sux

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truly inspiring

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