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You are the hum at my feet, 
you are the hum of electric heat. 
I keep myself away,
but I’m starting to like the pain.

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I used to want to show you every single line,
Now it’s hard for me to show you anything I write.
Know that I get nervous when we’re not alone, 
I wait for you for hours when you’re coming home.


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Goat simulator giveaway!! : D

I’m generous and this is actually a funny game, so if you’re interested please read belooow.

  • Giveaway ends in one week ! April 12th
  • Following me is cool, but you aren’t required to. My blog is mainly japanese language learning / gaming / art
  • Only reblogs count.
  • must have a steam account! if you don’t, i can’t give it to you.

Good luck and have fun! This game has a lot of perks. (๑′ᴗ’๑)エヘヘღ

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a dystopian future where the only form of communication is the seinfeld bassline

you mean utopian

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i hate this website

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king poop / la dispute

my photo / my edit

credit me!

reminder that i made a joke

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